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Ariel Henry disapproves of the use of “Bwa kale” to fight bandits

Ariel Henry disapproves of the use of “Bwa kale” to fight bandits

Prime Minister Ariel Henry does not think Operation Bwa Kale is a good idea. In a pre-recorded message on the occasion of Agriculture and Labor Day, this Monday, May 1, the head of government disapproves of this type of expeditious justice. which broke out in the country since the lynching of the alleged bandits in Canapé-Vert, Turgeau and Debussy, on Monday April 24.

If more than one believe that the “Bwa kale” operation can help exterminate gangs, Prime Minister Ariel Henry says he prefers the arrest of bandits to their lynching. In his speech, the holder of the Primature said he recognized that the population was fed up with insecurity. However, “the people must not let bad plans make them play sordid games”, urges Ariel Henry who calls instead on the population to “keep calm” and to continue “to cooperate with the police, to accompany the police , to give information to the police, on all suspicious persons in their region of origin. »

Dr. Ariel Henry discusses his government’s efforts to break the power of armed gangs. “My government, as we have always promised, is working with local and international partners to establish security in the country. Whether we like it or not, it will happen, promises Ariel Henry.

Prime Minister says high levels of armed violence and insecurity have a destructive effect on development “Because of the insecurity, we have lost a lot of jobs in the factories. Due to insecurity, many Haitians have left the country. With insecurity as it is today, foreign investors will not come and invest in the country, to create the jobs we need. With this insecurity, tourists and the diaspora will not be able to spend money in the country and buy our local products,” says Ariel Henry.

According to him, “The country must find peace. The country needs to regain more serenity. The country needs security so that we can begin to fight against poverty, unemployment, hunger, poor health and the oppression of living Christians. »


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