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2,845 dead since Ariel Henry took power

2,845 dead since Ariel Henry took power

Up to 2,845 people have been killed during the reign of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who has already spent 21 months at the helm of the country (July 2021 to April 2023).

At least 100 people were killed, among the number of this massacre are 13 people from the same family (Joachim) beheaded by the gangs. She also reported eight babies being murdered.

According to a report by the FJKL (Fondasyon Je Klere) published this Tuesday, May 2, 2023, more than 16 massacres and armed attacks have been reported.

9 journalists and media workers have died in Haiti in the past 21 months.

The FJKL Foundation believes that the head of the Superior Council of the National Police Ariel Henry has failed in his mission to protect the civilian population, underlines the human rights organization.


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