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Haitian diplomacy on the verge of implosion

Haitian diplomacy on the verge of implosion

Several officials posted on American territory are indexed in corruption, the State Department asks the Haitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate this case. In Japan, a Haitian diplomat is charged with raping a young girl.

Corruption, illegal enrichment and rape are among other charges, including Haitian diplomatic officials in the United States of America, Chile and Japan are subject.

United States Customs discovered in 2021 a courier with $50,000 on board leaving Chile for Washington. This amount would be used for the illicit manufacture of passports at the Haitian Embassy in the United States.

Ambassador Bocchit Edmond, his sister Betina EDMOND, who was consul, officials Gélorme JUSTE cousin of former Prime Minister Claude Joseph, Léon CHARLES, Wedlyne FRANÇOIS are among others personalities involved in this scandal.

Some of the civil servants such as Bocchit Edmond, and his sister were recalled among others by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

On the other hand, a Haitian diplomat in Japan is accused of raping a young girl.


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